Accounting & Corporate Secretarial

Schwarz & Reynolds Chartered Accountants Tax and Business Advisors is able to provide Accounting and Corporate Secretarial services to clients located throughout Australia.

Financial Business Services

Financial management, from BAS returns and payroll, to budgeting and forecasting, is a key function in every business but very rarely a key competency. Done well and it is un-noticeable, performed poorly and the whole entity or group could be jeopardised.

Although important, the time-consuming nature of financial management work means that it is rarely efficient for it to be completed by the management team. Often it is outsourced, leaving management free to concentrate on what they do best. This ensures that ‘best practice’ management information systems are set up – ensuring all financial decisions can be made from an informed perspective – without consuming precious management time and attention.

Schwarz & Reynolds offer a tailored service to suit your needs. We work with various businesses, sole proprietor to listed companies, who outsource to us, in varying degrees, various aspects of their financial management function – from data processing, BAS returns and payroll, to reporting on key performance indicators, budgeting and forecasting, assistance with capital raising, management accounts and variance analysis. With our emphasis on a flexible service, we can expand, contract or change our service depending on your needs.

By taking an interest in our clients’ businesses, we are able to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our proactive approach ensures that we aren’t a messenger of news but a partner providing you with an early warning of any financial issues or opportunities

Accounting and Management Reporting
One of our strengths is our ability to offer the traditional services of an accounting firm with an entrepreneurial attitude and a contemporary and commercial view of the business world.

This more proactive approach means that we can find opportunity amongst the compliance procedures of a modern business.

We deal with all the compliance aspects of running your business, from the preparation of annual reports and accounts in statutory format to analysing them and reporting to shareholders. However, rather than just present the data we look to interpret it, providing you with knowledge rather than just information.

It might be that you need someone to help you tackle those day to day issues and guide you on the right track so that your business can provide you with meaningful, accurate and timely information. It’s all about the decision making process.

Based on our experience, Schwarz & Reynolds can provide you with solutions to better manage your accounting functions and the opportunity to talk with us on a practical operational level.

It may be that need advice or help with:

  • preparation of regular management accounts
  • profit and loss or cash flow budget preparation
  • setting up and managing accounting software for your business, such as MYOB.

Whatever it is, at Schwarz & Reynolds we can offer you a unique approach to working with you on your business. Hopefully, that means more time for you to relax!

Company & Trust Secretarial Services
Schwarz & Reynolds are able to maintain statutory records for companies and trusts in accordance with applicable legislation. Our services include:

  • Statutory Record Maintenance
  • Annual Returns
  • Business Name Registration
  • Company Formations
  • Company Searches
  • Minute Preparation

The Australian Investment & Securities Commission as Australia’s corporate regulator for the protection of consumers, investors and creditors is continually improving its efficiency to enable it allocate more resources to identify areas of non-compliance.

Our experienced staff specialise in the registrations of companies, provision of trust deeds and searching of corporate structures, business names and titles searches. Due to ever changing corporate legislation it has become imperative for businesses to obtain specialised assistance. With our efficient computerised software and internet facilities Schwarz & Reynolds can support businesses with all their corporate secretarial needs, cost effectively and on a timely basis.

Company secretarial services, including the drafting and filing of resolutions, the filing of ASIC documents and the updating of the company share register, is an essential task in all businesses. However, as with financial management, it can be time-consuming and is rarely the most profitable use of senior management time.

Schwarz & Reynolds performs the role of company secretary for many of our clients. By ensuring that your documents are filed in good time, keeping your company’s share register current, arranging board and members’ meetings and attending AGM’s when called upon, we enable you to focus on the more pressing areas of your business.

Further company secretarial services include preparing agendas and information packs for board meetings, attending these either in person or by teleconference, preparing minutes and dealing with other formalities. Increasingly, as companies become more national, teleconference board meetings are becoming the norm altering the secretarial role to include the national distribution of board packs and minutes.

By performing these roles we enable you to support the principles of good governance.

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