Business Planning and Strategy

A Business Health Check is a valuable step in securing the ongoing growth and prosperity of an evolving business.

We understand what drives business success and we know how to focus on those issues that will enable you to achieve outstanding results.

Our Business Health Check is an objective review of your business, how it is currently positioned, its potential, development areas, position against its peers and our recommended strategies to improve your position now and long term. Depending on your business it covers issues such as:

  • Financial analysis including sales trends, profit, operating costs
  • Benchmarking against performance of industry peers
  • Ration analysis including return on assets, investment, wages
  • Funding and the cost and use of cash
  • Cash flow and liquidity
  • Personnel including cost, appropriateness, training, organisation structure
  • Space utilisation
  • Competition
  • Stock management
  • Use of technology
  • Marketing and market opportunity
  • Risk identification
  • Forward strategies and priorities

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All businesses can benefit from fine-tuning their strategy: whether in coping with the unpredictable, such as a downturn in business, or in planning for the inevitable, such as creating a succession strategy.

Good strategic planning requires you to take the time to consider the options and opportunities available to you and to plan which should, and which should not, feature in the future of your business. If done well, it will provide you with a road map that plots the steps for your organisation to reach its goals, making the journey considerably easier.

The process of strategic planning sets out the organisation’s goals and visions, identifies strategies and policies to reach these goals and is an ongoing process – it is performed by the entire management team and requires change, updating and modification on a periodic basis.

Schwarz & Reynolds Chartered Accountants can help you to create and implement a strategic planning process that takes into account where you are now, where you want to be and the milestones in-between. We can help you to identify the critical success factors, the forces than can deny your plan and the resources needed to deliver your plan efficiently, identifying the risks and minimising the element of surprise.

It is important to identify not only internal factors like the strengths and weaknesses of your team and the personal values of the key individuals, but also external factors like the markets in which you operate and industry specific threats and opportunities.

Strategic planning is not a guarantee of success but it will improve your chances of achieving long-term growth and profitability.

Regardless of the expertise of any consulting organisation, a business may require support services and facilities outside the core consulting expertise of the organisation. Schwarz & Reynolds Chartered Accountants has recognised this and gathered a stellar group of strategic alliances to facilitate even the most comprehensive and complex needs and outcomes. These alliances range from the soft skills of artwork, image and design, through to market research, international networking, and geodemographic mapping. Our commitment to our standards of integrity, excellence and teamwork ensure these alliances can deliver to the needs of a client, where appropriate, ensuring the focus on client outcomes is maximised. 

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