Nominee Residential Services

Schwarz & Reynolds through its Directors may accept the appointment as resident director and secretary of Australian companies providing our due diligence on the subject company meets our criteria. Prior to the acceptance of such a position we would carry out a due diligence exercise on the company and its owner(s). This would include being provided with:

  • Copies of the last two years financial statements.
  • An original ASIC search on the company’s structure at the time of request.
  • Documentary identification on the company’s owner(s) and their residential address(es). If the owner is a company- certified copies of its Constitution, Certificate of Incorporation and a search of its structure as provided by the ASIC or its equivalent in the country of incorporation.
  • Confirmation that the company is in full compliance with the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and any other Governmental instrumentality that it operates under.
  • If a Director is being replaced, details of the reason for the Director resigning or being replaced.
  • A fully executed Deed of Indemnity as per our standard, without amendment, from the owner(s) of the company.

As the acceptance of such a position carries a great deal of responsibility and in some cases personal liability, it is a requirement also that we provide a signatory on all bank accounts, brokerage accounts etc. If we are acting as a Director of an Australian company we must also be appointed as its Company Secretary if another resident of Australia has not been appointed as such.

Each request to act as a resident Director will be treated on an individual basis and our acceptance of the position will be treated on its own individual merits.

Orders from Overseas

Every Australia Proprietary (Pty) company must have at least one resident Director (Public companies must have at least three Directors two of whom must be residents) and a Public Officer. Having a Company Secretary is optional for a Proprietary company (a Public company must have one) and if the company does have one, he or she must be a resident of Australia. If a Proprietary company does not appoint a company Secretary then the ASIC looks to the Directors to fulfil the responsibilities of the Company Secretary, particularly the resident Director, so if Schwarz & Reynolds is providing the resident Director then it also insists that a resident Secretary be formally appointed, whether it is a Schwarz & Reynolds person or otherwise.

Residential/Nominee services is an attractive option because:

  • Schwarz & Reynolds’s Nominee Director service allows the company to meet their legal requirements while not being forced to recruit a hands on director.
  • Significant cost savings are available to the company over a full time employee.
  • With an experienced professional performing the role, the company can trust Schwarz & Reynolds to act in their best interests at all times.
  • As a trusted local provider, Schwarz & Reynolds can be relied upon to ensure the company did not fall behind with local secretarial compliance.

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