Taxation Compliance Services

We support our clients by providing advice in areas of business and financial strategy, family business and succession planning, assets sales and acquisitions.

Our taxation compliance services include:

  • Income tax returns (company, trust, partnership, individual, deceased estate tax returns)
  • Fringe Benefits tax returns
  • Business Activity statements
  • Instalment Activity statements
  • Annual PAYG summaries
  • ETP forms
  • Payroll tax returns
  • Assistance with meeting Superannuation Guarantee Obligations
  • Assistance with meeting ASIC notification and lodgment obligations
  • Tax audits
  • Tax losses
  • Salary packaging advice
  • Tax effect accounting
  • Tax consolidation calculations (entry/exit scenarios)
  • Research & Development plans and returns

Returns are lodged electronically and processing is speedy. We have preferred access to our clients’ accounts with the ATO and can electronically obtain information on a moment’s notice.

Taxation Consulting Services

Transaction based advice such as advising on:

Specific transactions including business acquisitions, disposals and corporate expansion.

  1. Business re-organisations
  2. Mergers and acquisitions
  3. Asset and business acquisitions and disposals
  4. Choice of structure for businesses and investments

Corporate Taxation

We advise on the practical impacts of the introduction of new taxation legislation and compliance obligations.

We also help with:

1. Tax Consolidations
2. Capital Gains Tax and rollover and reconstruction concessions
3. Debt/Equity rules
4. Foreign Exchange Transactions
5. FBT


We are involved in advising high net worth individuals on structuring and funding their activities into and out of Australia.

We also provide specialist tax advice in relation to foreign business activities of Australian companies, foreign source income and permanent establishment matters and transfer pricing issues.

Tax Audits and Risk Management

We assist clients in the management of State and Commonwealth tax audits conducted by the statutory authorities including State Revenue Office and Australian Taxation Office and we also conduct prudential tax audits and health check reviews in respect of the tax related areas.

Private Clients

We are specialists in the application of the specific taxation provisions that relate to privately owned companies and businesses such as the deemed dividend provisions and small business exemptions.


GST Consulting

We provide a range of client-specific services including specialised advice to help clients understand the complexities of the GST. These services include:

  • Specialised advice to assist clients to understand the complexities of the GST
  • Assist clients with the increasing compliance work of the GST
  • Practical, clear recommendations to resolve specific GST questions / issues
  • Systems review
  • Private Ruling Requests from the Australian Taxation Office to confirm GST treatment
  • Cash flow planning to ease the burden

Taxation Due Diligence Services

We offer transaction advisory support by undertaking tax due diligence whereby we provide a wealth of transaction tax experience. We analyse historical tax returns and financial statements to identify tax risks and opportunities associated with a contemplated transaction. We work closely with our clients and their legal advisors to develop a tax efficient deal structure.

Our Tax Due Diligence services include:

  • Perform merger/acquisition or business reorganisation tax diligence
  • Identify potential tax refund and accounting method opportunities and risks
  • Assist in structuring transactions in a tax-efficient manner
  • Integrate and optimise tax department processes and technologies

We help clients make informed purchasing and sale decisions.

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